Ana Laura Benitez
Project Manager, Tapachula

Laura is the project manager for GRM Tapachula. Born in Tijuana, México, she has lived in 6 cities and in a van while traveling across the states. I speak 3 languages and I enjoy singing, playing guitar and being out in nature. I've always been interested in migration and humanitarian work and have been involved in several activist movements. I volunteered in a migrant camp in Tijuana in 2013 and have experience working with other humanitarian NGOs.

My job gives me valuable tools that allow me to help vulnerable populations by making sure that they get quality medical care and by serving as a link between them and allied NGO´s that can help them with other needs. Everyone who comes to our clinic will always be treated with respect and kindness. We are here to make a difference, not only to fill health needs but to show people that we care about them, that their lives matter, and that they deserve to be treated with dignity.

Having the opportunity to work with and for migrant communities is a privilege to me and something I´ll always be grateful for; they have taught me a lot, I admire their strength and their resilience inspires me. I'm here because I care, I'm here because I want to be an advocate for migrants´ human rights and dignity, and ensure that their voices are heard.


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