Benito Zambrano

Benito (Benny) is from Matamoros Tamaulipas and has worked for GRM as office manager for several years. He feels he has been given the opportunity to help those in need and blessed he is in a place to do so. This was his first time working in a medical environment and he has come to love helping patients as much as he can and now helps GRM whenever we need him to as Benny was always viewed as a leader at GRM’s Matamoros clinic, where he worked before it closed in 2022.

He’s called upon to navigate complex issues that arise among migrant patients and manages to stay calm whenever he is resolving issues. He’s vital to operations—organizing patients throughout the day, arranging referrals, and ensuring that all staff and volunteers have what they need to perform their duties. What Benny loves about his job the most is, “Seeing happy faces. I pray for all of them all the time.”


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Yesterday, GRM founder Pete Reed and was killed in Bakhmut, Ukraine.

Yesterday, GRM founder Pete Reed was killed in Bakhmut, Ukraine. Pete was the bedrock of GRM, serving as Board President for 4 years. In January, Pete stepped away from GRM to work with Global Outreach Doctors on their Ukraine mission and was killed while rendering aid.

This is a stark reminder of the perils rescue and aid workers face in conflict zones as they serve citizens caught in the crossfire. Pete was just 33 years old, but lived a life in service of others, first as a decorated US Marine and then in humanitarian aid. GRM will strive to honor his legacy and the selfless service he practiced.

We fully support Pete’s family, friends, and colleagues during this devastating time.