Andres Diaz
Project Manager and Rapid Response Team

Andres lives in Northern New Mexico. He was a Diver and Archeologist with the National Park Service before switching careers and Joining the Army where he served for 6 years as a Ranger Medic. Since his time in the military, he has settled into his off-grid homestead and is involved in the local community by contributing his time and expertise to Search and Rescue when not involved with GRM projects. Andres is honored to have spent time helping migrants on the Mexico/ USA border and maintains a leadership role with GRM’s Rapid Response. He attended Lehigh University where he earned a BA in Anthropology and a MA from Bristol University in Maritime Archaeology and History. From his time in the military, he maintains a National Paramedic Certification. In his spare time, he can be found setting up increasingly elaborate solar systems and enjoying the New Mexico outdoors.


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