GLobal response management

There are many ways you can help.

1: We need medical supplies.

 We will take just about anything but we really need trauma supplies; IV/IO, compression bandages, airway, gloves, cleaning supplies. You name it, we need it. We work with EMS departments to collect any expired or otherwise extra equipment. You can help us by connecting your local EMS to us via our website. Email us with questions about sending medical supplies.

2: Monetary donations.

You can select a Paypal option (Yellow link) or non-Paypal option (Black link)

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Global Response Management (GRM) is an international medical NGO that exists to bring emergency medical care and training to those living in or displaced from conflict zones, with a focus on the Middle East, operating in high risk areas where others cannot. Our network of experienced medical personnel is dedicated to working with and training local populations in trauma and pre-hospital care based on TCCC principals to increase survivability in low-resource-high-risk areas. By working with medical professionals from a variety of backgrounds, we bring a diverse team to populations in critical need.


To provide and coordinate quality emergency and trauma care in low-resource and high-risk areas.


To mobilize and innovate in the field of trauma and pre-hospital care, serving those in high risk areas.


Grit: We go into the field with determination, courage, and strength of purpose.

Respect: We earn trust and confidence of local communities by working with them directly, learning from them as they learn from us.

Impartiality: We deliver aid to to all, no one is ever rejected based on ethnic origin, nationality, political allegiance, religion, gender, or sexuality.

Accountability: We maintain fiscal and operational transparency to ensure we operate at maximum effectiveness.

Volunteering with GRM

If you think would like to volunteer with GRM please click the link below and fill out the form. Once a completed application is received and reviewed, a GRM volunteer coordinator. will contact you to schedule a phone or Skype interview. Following a successful telephone interview, volunteers will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire, which will be reviewed. Once medical clearance is received and your application is approved, you will contacted about deployment.

DO NOT BOOK YOUR OWN FLIGHT, GRM can not accept volunteers that book their own flights before the application process is complete and approved.

In some instances, volunteers will be required to pay for their own flights, but will receive food, shared housing, and emergency medical evacuation insurance. Should this be necessary you will be told during the initial disaster response phone call. 

Also please go to our FAQ page to get answers to common questions. We ask that you please be patient as we have a very high volume of requests. 

GRM has a high volume of requests to join our team. Here will provide answers to some common questions.

Q: Is GRM a registered NGO and are you 501c3?

A: GRM is a registered NGO in the United States and also with the Kurdistan Regional Government, we are in the process of finalizing our 501c3 status. 

Q: Will I be payed if I deploy with your team?

A: No, you will not receive a salary for volunteering. 

Q: We will be in a war zone, will we be armed, can I help fight?

A: No, we are not armed and we will not be fighting, we are humanitarian medical team. 

Q: How long am I expected to stay in country?

A: We require a 2, 3 or 4 week rotation.

Q: What level of medical experience am I required to have?

A: We require all volunteers to be paramedic level or higher.

Q: Is past military experience required?

A: It is not required but it will help as you will be in an active war zone. 




Email us with questions