Kevin Hazzard
Board Member

For 10 years, Kevin worked as a paramedic in Atlanta’s 911 service, both riding an ambulance and picking up shifts as an Emergency Room Tech at Grady Memorial Hospital, one of the Southeast’s largest Level I trauma centers. In addition to traumas and burns, the hospital specialized in respiratory and sickle cell emergencies.

Kevin is currently in nursing school and has a particular interest in public health and Infectious Disease. For as long as he can remember, he’s been a writer and has published three books, written for numerous television shows and podcasts, and works as a newspaper and magazine journalist.

Most of his free time is spent in the mountains, particularly the Tetons and Sierra Nevada, backpacking and rafting. Since 2020, he’s assisted GRM with public relations and social media efforts, helping to crystallize the story of GRM and its volunteers.

For Kevin, GRM has always represented the tremendous good people are capable of, even in horrific conditions—a lesson he first learned on an ambulance. For him, the must-have items when in the field are a notebook (for observations), a stethoscope (for assessments), and epinephrine (for my outrageous bee allergy!)


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