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GRM’s Rapid Response Team entered Ukraine on March 3rd, 2022, conducting assessments of the hospital system across the country. Integrated with both Ministry of Health and the WHO Emergency Medical Team Coordination Cell, GRM pushed critical information back to the humanitarian community for resource allocation.

Over six months, GRM spearheaded multiple programs to boost capacity and provide emergency services including front line surgical teams embedded in Ukrainian hospitals, medevac in both the West and the East, and trauma training for nurses, firefighters, Territorial Defense volunteer medics, border guards, and physicians.

In 2023, GRM will continue its Ukraine programs, working with institutional partners like Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Massachusetts General Hospital to provide continued support in trauma medicine training for Ukrainian clinicians working in the most difficult conditions.

  • Front Line Surgical Teams: 724 surgeries
  • Medevac: 79 patients
  • Trauma Training: 1300 clinicians and volunteer medics
  • Supplies: 1000 Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs), critical care monitors, ambulance, blood warmers, EZ-IO® manual needle sets, hypothermia blankets, blood transfusion kits, Butterfly iQ ultrasound devices, ipads

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