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On the front line: War Wound SpecialtyTraining for Ukraine’s Front Line Physicians

February 24th marks the second anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine. GRM has been there for 722 of those days. ...

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May 2023 Newsletter – Announcing New Partnership with Refugee Health Alliance in Reynosa, MX

Over the last few years, GRM has made a significant impact in Reynosa, Mexico, providing critical medical services to marginalized populations. We have been working together and collaborating with...

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April 2023 Newsletter – GRM at SDSU “Race and the Borderlands” Conference

This month, the GRM team was invited to present at the binational conference "Race and the Borderlands" hosted by San Diego State University. This conference brings together scholars,...

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March 2023 Newsletter – Tapachula Clinic Closure

When GRM opened our Tapachula Clinic in 2021, an estimated 60,000 people were stranded in Southern Mexico waiting for permission to either resettle or move through the country. Working with local...

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March 2023 Newsletter – The Ripple Effect

What began as two men wanting to serve others in January 2017 when GRM was founded, turned into helping over 150,000 people around the world. It’s difficult to measure the ultimate impact of...

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September 2022 Newsletter – Matamoros Clinic Closure

On October 12, 2019, GRM responded to what at the time we thought was an acute crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border that resulted in hundreds of families being stranded with no food, shelter, or...

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November 2022 Newsletter – Volunteer Voices 1

We often ask our volunteers to tell us about their experiences volunteering for GRM. We find their feedback to be enlightening, informative, and useful for improvement. We also find that their...

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November 2022 Newsletter – Volunteer Voices 2

Similarly to last week, today we are bringing you another individual's story of their experiences volunteering with GRM. We hope you find his story as poignant and valuable as we do! ...

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We are in Gaza and Ukraine.

Yesterday, GRM founder Pete Reed and was killed in Bakhmut, Ukraine.

Yesterday, GRM founder Pete Reed was killed in Bakhmut, Ukraine. Pete was the bedrock of GRM, serving as Board President for 4 years. In January, Pete stepped away from GRM to work with Global Outreach Doctors on their Ukraine mission and was killed while rendering aid.

This is a stark reminder of the perils rescue and aid workers face in conflict zones as they serve citizens caught in the crossfire. Pete was just 33 years old, but lived a life in service of others, first as a decorated US Marine and then in humanitarian aid. GRM will strive to honor his legacy and the selfless service he practiced.

We fully support Pete’s family, friends, and colleagues during this devastating time.