Notes from the field

Semper Vitae, Always Life.


The meaning behind Semper Vitae:

Semper vitae is Latin for, “always life”. Our hashtags have probably already made that association clear.

But more to the point is the meaning behind it.

The Marine Corps uses the phrase Semper Fi, or Always faithful, as a representation of their commitment to this country, to the Marine Corps, and to their fellow Marines.  But it’s not just the literal words that create the meaning.

The definition of Semper is continuously, for all time, always or on going.

Meaning that we are in this for the long run. Where ever people find themselves needing help- our mission is to be there, and we are committing our lives to that cause, in all things, ALWAYS.

Life in Latin is actually the word, “vita”. In English, Vita represents a living document or a resume, the summary of ones work or an evolving document that grows over time (think curriculum vita).  Much like how people are living and grow into their potential and the notion that all people have potential.

“Vita” represents the literal translation to the singular version of, “life”, “Vitae” represents the plural, meaning all life.

So when we talk about Semper vitae, what we are literally expressing is our commitment to all life.

The world tends to be a complicated place. And we have all had our struggles. But in Semper Vitae we represent our commitment to helping others in all situations, judgement aside.

Semper Vitae.


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